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Orbits | A sacred geometry
Mysterious designers of fluid sonic constructions, A Sacred Geometry are musical architects who impose order and harmony over the apparent chaos of sound that surrounds us. With several chapters released since 2016, their seemingly infinite compositions have proved to be perfect vessels for the transcendence of our reality. Look and listen closely for the connections.
Orbits | Aurora Halal
Aurora Halal‘s music reveals new potential within forms we believe to know all too well. From the simplest of elements she creates a sensuous neon universe of techno, feeding desires, stimulating cravings. Think of it as the perfect soundtrack for a shared awakening from A Mutual Dreaming, a concept explored in her parties of the same name organized by her in her native New York. Explore the possibilities.
Orbits | Blind Observatory
Blind Observatory can make an imaginary ride on the tail of a comet seem like a real possibility for those who listen to him. With his vast cosmic brand of techno, it actually feels as if he has done it himself already. Dedicated as Orbits is to overcoming limits and breaking boundaries, listening to his tales of exploration is essential to our own journey. Close your eyes for the discovery of one the most mind-expanding DJs in the scene right now.
Orbits | Burnt Friedman
It‘s as if he has tapped into the pulse of the Earth itself in a way no one else has. By himself or in partnerships with Jaki Leibezeit of Can, and more, German experimentalist Burnt Friedman has carved a unique and indescribable place for himself in the modern electronic scene through his subversive and challenging style and mastery of rhythmic languages. One of the most fascinating guides you could wish for in the discovery of new paths.
Orbits | Dj Deep
A fundamental protagonist of the affirmation of french dance music as one of the most vital currents in modern electronics, DJ Deep showcases how to perfectly blend the classic and futuristic in house and techno, bringing to Orbits a powerful reminder that in order to discover new ways, we must explore what came before. His is a 360-vision of what makes our bodies move.
Orbits | Efdemin
Bio coming soon
Orbits | Evigt Mörker
Eternal darkness might be alluded to in Evigt Mörker‘s moniker, but there is room for light, color and hope in the music he brings us. The Swede´s compositions feel heavenly and organic in equal measure, like the soundtrack to an entrancing ritual performed by an alien tribe. His presence at Orbits represents the perfect method of displacing an entire forest to another dimension.
Orbits | Fjäder
Her music floats with the lightness of a feather and is moved by the fire of passion. Swedish artist Ida Matsdotter seems to be on a quest to harness the power of the elements and shape them into a sound that can deeply affect it´s listener. From ambient to deep techno, her creations on labels like Dasha Rush‘s Fullpanda or Hypnus sub-label Kabalion are simultaneously a caress and a welcome to our gathering.
Orbits | Hydrangea
We're sure Hydrangea won't mind us saying that her music seems to have been deliberately created for an event like Orbits. Listening to her simultaneously powerful and delicate creations on respected labels like Semantica and Silent Season, one gets the feeling that Mother Nature is a constant presence in them, acting as a guide and a teacher. We couldn‘t imagine a better context to hear her sounds fully bloom.
Orbits | Jane Fitz
Not long ago that she was being called “the most underrated DJ in the UK”. But celebrated sets at the prestigious Freerotation Festival and the residency at London‘s Pickle Factory, amongst many other incredible highlights, have ensured to make no secrets of Jane Fitz talent. Jane boasts what is probably one of the deepest record collections of any performer at Orbits, and that means that while it is impossible to predict what her set will be like, we are sure that it will leave a defining mark on the festival.
Orbits | Kinetic
bio coming soon
Orbits | Peter Van Hosen
The best definition we could ever give you of Peter Van Hoesen comes from himself: mental body music. That means music that speaks to your mind while making every atom of your being move. His uncannily focused versatility and his knowledge of pure sound represent a perfect bonding of dancefloor power and adventurous experimentation. A master in the connection of the organic and the otherworldly, Peter Van Hoesen‘s art is a perfect embodiment of Orbits‘ vision.
Orbits | RE:NI
re:ni‘s steady ascension is a reassuring example to us all, of the importance of letting the music do the talking. Her DJ sets are powerful reminders of dance music as a catalyst for freedom, resilience, inclusiveness and protest. She‘s also former member of London‘s all-female collective SIREN, promoters of underrepresented women and non-binary artists on their own monthly radio show on NTS. re:ni is able to seamlessly connect genres and ages with a purity that we believe will surely refresh the dancefloor at Orbits.
Orbits | Retina.it
It‘s been close to thirty years since this Italian duo have set out on a path that they can proudly say was made on their own terms. Retina.It were one of the first idm live acts to ever come out of Italy. Their music, a collision of sound particles and inventive beats, is born out of desire for pure and unfiltered artistic expression. Retina.It‘s work has always felt somewhat ahead of it‘s time, and we are privileged to have them show us another glimpse of the future.
Orbits | Shackleton
Bio coming soon
Surely one of the most mind-blowing revelations in the techno scene in recent times, Japan‘s Wata Igarashi has been an increasing presence beyond his home country, with his colorful, even kaleidoscopic vision of techno, laid out on labels like Peter Van Hoesen‘s Time To Express, The Bunker and main home Midgar. His DJing matches the technicolor soundscapes painted on his records, and we get the feeling that S. Gião camping grounds will witness one of the most potent mixes of psychedelia and nature, that it ever has seen.
Orbits | Yassine
bio coming soon


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