Orbits Festival - Community Project

From the ashes

In October 2017 the region of Oliveira do Hospital was devastated by the largest forest fires ever happen Portugal, reaping the lives and hopes of many. The São Gião Camping deceive that fatal destiny and survived the hecatomb, and is now a green spot of hope in the Alva river valley. Thanks to the efforts, work, donations and solidarity of the community, the region is slowly starting to rise from the ashes. As a festival with ecological and community values, Orbits decided to create a solidarity project and give our humble contribution to the reconstruction of the region.

So we are currently developing two projects.

“One Person, One Tree” - Native forest Reforestation project, to help bring back life to the region nearby the camping.

“The Tavern” - Local Traditional Tavern project, to fund a Festival contribution to the Re- construction project.

More info about both projects, and how to support them, soon in this section.


Day 1

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